How to get the best Wax

How to get a great wax.
1. For your first wax allow your hair to grow 4 weeks before your first appointment. Stay on this
a. schedule until your esthetician advises you otherwise.
2. NEVER shave or tweeze between your waxing appointments. This throws off your hair growth pattern and you will never have the smooth skin you want.
3. NEVER use lotion, body oils on the day of your waxing. These products will interfere with your waxing service.
4. EXFOLIATE! Always exfoliate on the day of your waxing appointment. DO NOT exfoliate to the point of where your skin is sore. It’s recommended that you use and exfoliating mitt
(available here) in the shower on a daily basis. Dead skin build up will not allow the hair to pop through. Do NOT use a salt or sugar scrub. You will not be able to be waxed with the residue on your skin. If you have or have ever had a problem with bumping(looks like a “break out”) but its actually your follicles reacting to the waxing. You could bring a tube of Polysporin
to your waxing appointment and apply immediately. Continue using as long as bumps remain.If this happens it can last up to 2 weeks. After a few waxings it will stop happening.
5. If you are nervous about your waxing hurting, apply No-Scream Cream ( available here and on line) 45 minutes prior to your waxing appointment. This will numb your skin and take the discomfort down on average -80%
6. Above all, RELAX. Your esthetician is a professional and has been well trained.
During your appointment
1. Remember to breath. Holding your breath causes you to tense up. Exhaling during the pull relaxes you.
2. Depending on what you are getting waxed, will be gently guided into positions that assure the best was. Your esthetician may even ask you to hold your skin tightly. The tighter the skin the less it hurts.
3. Immediately inform your waxologist if the wax is too hot immediately.
4. Minor blood spotting is normal, especially if your hair has been shaved over a period of time or if your hair is coarse and think.
5. Your esthetician waxing will apply a post waxing treatment.
Home Care
Now you have smooth beautiful skin and you want to keep it that way. Home care is a must and it’s easy to follow.
1. Schedule your appointment before you leave *** Keeping on a schedule will help maintain smooth skin and will greatly decrease the hair that grows back.
2. Avoid the sun the day of your waxing and make sure you use sun block.
3. If you are prone to ingrown hairs or at the first hint of one, DO NOT wait until they become and issue to address. Apply BB&B’s Pre & Post wax salve morning and night to keep them away.
4. Continue exfoliating daily to rid yourself of the dead skin build up that will trap the hairs and cause ingrown.
5. If you get an infected ingrown use a q-tip and apply H202 to the area. This will kill infection. Or Tea Tree oil.
6. DO NOT PICK. Picking causes scars.