Dangers Of Cell Phone

The cell phone Industry is nor different than any other ( greedy) corporatioin. Keep the masses confused and reassure them that the microwave radiation device that they hold close to their brain or keep on their body is doing no harm. In fact, the last thing the cell phone industry wansts is a reckoning about the serious biological damage it is causing and the fact that we do nee EMF protection on a daily basis.


A book by Dr. Devra Davis: "Disconnect. The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What The Industry has Done to Hide it, and How to Protect Your Family."

Knowledge IS Power- Know the Facts:

Cell phone radiation produces free radicals that weakens the DNA

Cell phone radiation weakens cell membranes.

Cell phone radiation weakens the blood barrier.

Children absorb more radiation that adults because their skulls and their brains have more fluid.

Sperm exposed to cell phone raitation die 4 TIMES FASTER and are biologically damaged.

Keeping an iPhone 4 in your pocket exceeds the FCC exposure guidlines. (It's in the fine print watneings that come with your cell phone)


TIPS /Precautions for cell phone usage

1. Never hold your cell phone directly against your head or body

2. Use the spelaer phone mode when speaking on your cell phone

3.Keep the cell phone AT LEAST 6 feet away from your body when not in use

4. Do not keep your cell pone on your night stant or under your pillow

5. Use hands free air tube headset since it reduces your exposure to EMF's

6. Become familiar with scientifically-based devices that are designed to address the effects of electromagnetic radiation. MRET technology is a proprietary noise-field nanotechnology that creates a bio-friendly wave when stimulate by harmful EMF's.

7. Practice super nutrition with foods and supplements that are high in Vitamin C,E, and A in order to repair any DNA damage.

I STRONGLY urge you to take these warnings seriously, IF NOT foryourselfm but for your children. I truly believe that EMF protection is a necessary defense in this increasingly stressful and wireless world.


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