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Imagine simply lying down…


unwinding all of your tension, stress and exhaustion…


bathing in and feeling rejuvenated with nature’s most beneficial energy…


in the comfort of your own home.( you can own your own !)


Discover what NASA has proven to be the most beneficial spectrum of light, and used to help maintain vitality levels of astronauts.


Enjoy the energizing feeling that powerful waterfalls and the crashing of ocean waves offer.


Combining the wonders of nature, this innovative technology brings together Far Infrared Light, the most beneficial and safe light rays, with Negative Ions, the power that energizes our entire body, and Amethyst Crystals, which enhance the balancing and regenerative effects. Satisfy your body’s needs within minutes. The Amethyst BioMat transforms normal rest into deep states of relaxation and renewal.




The Biomat

FDA approved medical device that improves your health by just lying on it.

Negative Ions - extremely beneficial to the body

Infrared rays - promotes better circulation,the rays penetrate 6 inches into the body instead of just on the surface as in a heating pad, eliminates carbon dioxide.

Relieve oain and joint stiffness

Reduce Stress and Fatigue

Decrease Hyperactivity

Burn calories and control weight

Strengthen the cardiovascular system

Detoxify Cells

Rejuvenate Skin

induce Delta State of Deep Relaxation

Regulare Psychological Well-Being

Reduce Inflammation

Faster Recovery from Surgery & Athletic activity



* Neuropathy                 * Cancer

*Fibromyalgia                 * Diabetes

*Insomnia                      * ADD

*Arthritis                        * Depression

*Autism                          * Lyme 

*MS                               * Circulation

*High BP                        * Toxicity

The warmth of this pad just envelopes you - it lulls you into a relaxational state. 

30 minutes= $25

60 minutes= $45


A new combination Service that is getting rave reviews:

a 30 minute mini facial( reg price $38)mini

A 30 minute BIO mat session ( reg. price $25)

for only $48   ( normally $63)